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How to Cook Salmon

How to Cook Salmon


Salmon Food Presentation

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Basic method on How to Cook Salmon

10 min

12 min

Because of its to much conrtration of Omega3 fatty acid,
Cooking salmon is the healthiest seafoods ,that everyone could eat along with your family.
Did you know that baking salmon is one of the easiest and very fast to cook compared to cooking it.
We all know that there are many recipes in the net but i think this is the best article we can offer,this recipe is very easy and it is widely use by many.


1-pound salmon fillet


Lemon pepper

Dried parsley

Lemon wedges

Lemon zest

Tartar sauce


1) Open your toaster or oven then preheat it to 345 Fahrenheit.

2) If you see a bones on your salmon fillet ,please remove it immediately.

3) For easy cleanup you can place an aluminimum foil in your oven tray.

4) Get your butter and gently put in your salmon fillet. Please make sure your salmon is covered with butter,and its getting straight into the cracks.You can melt the butter inside the microwave, in case needed.

5) Get your dried parsley along with lemon pepper and gently sprinkle it into the salmon.
Then get your new lemon juice and squirt it on your salmon fillet.

6) When your done cover up your oven tray using aluminum foil then place your salmon straight into your preheated oven.

7) You can bake your salmon to 10 to 14 minutes.If your salmon is cut with thicker slice your cooking time is longer.And when its cut with smaller slice your cooking time is shorter.

8) Get your lemon and zest it while the salmon is being bake.

9) After 10-14 mins from cooking, try to check the if your salmon is already cooked.You can check it by sticking a fork within biggest part or thickest portion of your salmon. Whenever your fillet flakes ,upon sticking it wih your fork, it's only means that its cook.But if your salmon fish is still uncooked, just continue cooking it and try to check between three to two-minute.

10) When your done just take out your tray from your oven and then remove the foil. To add your finishing touch just spread some lemon zest at the top of your salmon.Then serve with tartar sauce and lemon wedges.

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